Desi Kazandzhieva

Desislava Kazandzhieva is the country manager for Globe Williams for Bulgaria since March 2014 when a new company “Aquila Facility Management Services Bulgaria” also part of Globe Williams International was established in Bulgaria. Ms. Kazandzhieva has been largely responsible for all company processes and operations and has contributed hugely to the slow but stable growth of the company, turning it into a respected competitor on the market. Ms. Kazandzhieva started her career at Globe Williams International in January 2012 as a sales representative who was mostly responsible for the sales activities within the company. Prior to Globe Williams, Desislava was a Public relations specialist who was involved in various different projects on different topics. Ms. Kazandzhieva has received a Bachelor of Public Relations and Communications degree, with distinction, from the South-West University “Neofit Rilski” in Bulgaria, where she completed a four-year bachelor’s program.