Mechanical Engineering (Greece)

About the job

Globe Williams International Facility Management Company operating in Facility Management field is looking for an experienced professional at the Mechanical Field for the position of Mechanic Engineer.

The position reports to the Technical Director and includes the following responsibilities:

Leadership and team management

·       Effectively lead and manage a team of five.

·       Foster a collaborative and efficient working environment within the team.

Client interaction

·       Serve as the first point of contact between the client and the maintenance team.

·       Address client inquiries and feedback promptly, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Task scheduling

·       Develop and implement a daily task schedule based on the hotel feedback and specific maintenance requirements.

·       Prioritize tasks to meet client expectations and maintain the pool in optimal condition.

Technical requirements

·       Oversee and ensure the functionality of the pool equipment.

·       Troubleshoot and promptly address any mechanical or technical issue that may arise.

·       Proficiently reading manuals

·       Expertise in automation and BMS systems

·       Capable of setting new parameters for the electrolysis device to optimize performance.

·       Read and interpret faults and errors drawing conclusions to implement necessary actions.

·       Take the lead in ensuring that all pool maintenance tasks are carried out with strict adherence to safety protocols and standards.


·       Identify and mitigate potential safety hazards in the pool maintenance process.

·       Conduct regular safety briefings for the team emphasizing the importance of following the safety guidelines during tasks.

Reporting and documentation

·       Generate detailed written reports on the statis of the pool equipment maintenance activities and any issue addressed.

·       Documentation observations finding and recommendations for future improvement.

Maintenance planning

·       Develop a comprehensive maintenance plan for all pool equipment, outlining scheduled inspections, repairs, and preventive measures.

·       Collaborate with the team to execute maintenance plan effectively.

·       Stay informed and up to date on current laws and legislation related to pool maintenance and safety.

·       Ensure that all maintenance activities comply with relevant regulations and standards.


·       Ensure precise chemical additions(calculations) to maintain optimal water quality balancing factors like pH and chlorine levels.

·       Based on input from technician’s order chemicals in appropriate quantities.

·       Ensure timely replenishment of chemical supplies to maintain optimal water quality.

Candidate Profile:

ü  Higher Education Degree- Mechanic, Electric or Civil Engineer degree desirable.

ü  Very good level of English.

ü  Great computer knowledge.

ü  Responsibility, Organization and Communication skills.

ü  Ability of productive cooperation with Chief officers or associates.

ü  Car driving license.

ü  Facility Management or Property Management knowledge will be considered as an asset.


ü  Appealing remuneration package.

ü  Constant Training in Facility and Technical Management Field.

ü  Contemporary and pleasant working environment with possibility of Career Development in International Company.

ü  Laptop, mobile phone

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