Dimitris G. Passareas

Dimitris G. Passareas was born in Athens and graduated from the American College of Greece, holding a degree in Economics, majored in Business Administration. He also holds a Graduate Diploma on “Corporate Re-engineering” from EEDE. Dimitris has worked almost for three decades in the Oil Industry, and more specifically, he worked for 13 years for Mobil Oil Hellas SA, initially as a Territory Mgr, and then as Procurement Mgr. For the next 12 years he worked for BP Hellas SA, being the Property (Real Estate and Facilities Management) Mgr. for South Europe and Turkey . For 4 years he worked for Hellenic Petroleum SA being The Head of Administrative Services at Elefsis Industrial Installations and as Head of Group Property. Dimitris since December 2014 holds the position of the Operations Director of Globe Williams in Greece, so that his valuable experience on a quite wide spectrum of aspects on Property Facility Management is reflected on the delivery of all Operations.