International Cooperation: Ukraine FM Set to Make it’s Mark in the International Arena

CPG Group of Companies Partners with leading global Facilities Management Group, Globe Williams International

UKRAINE Facility Management CPG has made its mark on the international FM stage by signing a Cooperation Agreement with Globe Williams International, a leading international FM conglomerate.

Established in Australia in 1999, Globe Williams International is now head quartered in both Melbourne, Australia and Athens, Greece and has since expanded to reach a global footprint in over 30 countries around the world in providing a full and extensive range of facility management related goods and services.

In the recent joint project between Drees & Sommer and RCIS (Royal Institute of Chartered Land Surveyors) the European FM Provider Report 2020[1] documents a study that explores the market coverage of the major Facility Management providers operating in Europe and facilitates transparency for all market players. In the report, Globe Williams International is recognised as one of the largest and most reliable facility management players in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).


For CPG, the partnership provides an exclusive representation and full management of Globe Williams International’s global client facilities in Ukraine.

“International cooperation opens new business horizons for both CPG as well as Globe Williams International – “we are very excited and look forward to a mutually rewarding and long term relationship”, said Globe Williams International Group CEO, Mr Peter Souvatsis in confirming the high level of quality, competence, professionalism and trust in real estate management and operation services from the CPG group of companies.

With seasoned and highly qualified management and front line people established internationally, Globe Williams International has the capability and capacity to effectively and efficiently ramp up resources and group buying power as and when required in delivering innovative and outstanding FM service solutions to clients.

“Our strategic partnership further fosters a tailored approach to providing clients with sites in the Ukraine and beyond with a one stop, end to end FM solution and service delivery excellence”, said Mr Souvatsis.

Globe Williams International is a world-renowned Facility Management corporation that operates in over 30 countries. For over 20 years the company has been providing world-class services for environmentally responsible facility management – some of the areas cover include but are not limited to:

Hard FM Services – hard facility management services are mandatory and relate to the physical structure of the building, they directly affect the safety and well-being of employees and visitors and must comply with the law – Hard FM services include:

  • gas, plumbing, heating
  • HVAC systems
  • lighting, electrical and mechanical
  • fire safety systems
  • construction works

Soft FM Services – soft facility management services create ambient environments making the site more aesthetically pleasing, efficient and safe for working staff and visitors. Soft FM services include:

  • general and specialised cleaning services
  • consumables management & supply
  • waste management
  • sustainable environmental solutions services
  • hygiene & washroom services
  • landscaping, grounds and gardening
  • pest control
  • parking
  • workspace management
  • catering services (including vending machines and water coolers)
  • circular sustainability

Corporate Support, Labour Hire & Resources – from a temporary role to permanent resources requirements, this extends to the provision of cost effective human resource solutions for all client recruitment requirements including but not limited to Administrative staff, In-house Facility Managers, AV Managers, Project Managers as well as Trade based personnel, Handyman, Cleaners, Security just to name a few.

Vendor Management – the professional benchmarking and management of suppliers and vendors with guaranteed savings and time on current client plans. Typical services include stationery, courier services, and waste management services (just to name a few) where the client can benefit from established group buying power and a consolidated invoice increasing efficiency and cost effectivemeness.

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