It has been well over two years since we contracted Globe Williams International as our Facility Management service provider for our Victoria Harbour Development site which covers over 100,000 square metres of high rise office and retail buildings, exclusive apartments and a Shopping Centre and I must say from my end, it has been quite an easy ride. The process and systems that Globe Williams have in place enable us to maintain our building to the Lend Lease standards. Part of the Total Facility Management Services provided by Globe Williams is Technical Maintenance consisting of Fire Services, HVAC Services, Security and Soft services including Cleaning, Hygiene, gardening and Pest Control just to name a few. Lend Lease is currently selling prime real estate at Victoria Harbour (Docklands) and as such we need to ensure our Sales Centre reflects the high quality of development to our current and prospective purchasers. Other than the day-to-day total facility management, the Globe team ensures any additional works are followed through and their communication with the client has been exceptional. Lend Lease are very dedicated to IIF (Incident and Injury Free) and Globe clearly meets the criteria of work safety on our site. I am always kept abreast of any maintenance issues, changes and appointments with trade’s people. It almost feels as though the Globe Williams’ team is part of our own team at Lend Lease. Thank you for your exceptional service over the past two years and look forward to the year ahead.