Nuqul Group

We pride ourselves on our innovation, integrity and commitment to quality and excellence. The creation of the Group has been an extraordinary journey, one that has taken the “boy from Ramleh” from heading a small company that imported and distributed foodstuff in 1952 to now chairing the Board of Directors of a globally recognized conglomerate of some thirty-one companies. By dint of determination, ambition and a passion for integrity, Nuqul has, over the years, transformed and became more than we ever dreamed. Here, as you read through our story, you can see how our core values are integrated and manifested in our record of loyalty, creativity, decency, concern for the welfare of society and an obligation to give our best. Without the concerted and dedicated efforts of our entire team, from suppliers to employees, from partners to customers, we would never have reached this point. We look forward to growing together with our people to achieve more in the future.