Phillip Morris

Their operations comprise the cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris Operations a.d. (PMOP) and Philip Morris Services d.o.o. (PMSE). In total they employ approximately 1,000 people across the country. In October 2003, PMI acquired Serbia’s largest tobacco factory, DIN “Fabrika duvana” a.d. Niš (DIN). At the time, DIN had over a century of experience in cigarette manufacturing. PMI has invested over EUR 665 million in DIN over the last nine years, remaining one of the country’s largest investors. The Niš factory is one of the most advanced operations in PMI’s global network of factories. Today they are the largest tobacco company in the country. Their strong market leadership is a result of local brands, such as Best Export, Classic, and Drina, joining forces with the leading international brands from the Philip Morris International portfolio such as Marlboro, Parliament, L&M Bond Street, Philip Morris and Next. They are also active in the communities where they work and from where they source their tobacco. From 2003 to 2012, they procured over 26,000 tons of locally-grown processed tobacco worth over EUR 79 million. More than 1,000 growers benefited from EUR 4 million worth of investments into equipment, warehouse space, curing barns, as well as short-term investments into seed and planting material. They are also a significant contributor to developing the local community via support to programs focusing on job creation through support to entrepreneurship, education, environmental sustainability and social issues. Over the past nine years they have donated over EUR 10, 5 million to community initiatives in Serbia.