Sanjay Chimnani

With 30 years of experience in various business enterprises, Sanjay has been in the Dubai real estate segment ever since the deregulation wave began in 2003. Prior to his real estate experience in Dubai, Sanjay was in the consumer electronics business in India. In 2004, he co- founded an investment company that bought out a great number of successful properties with a focus on commercial space, and sold these to their investors. Successively, it helped them list the inventory back with the company for resale. This was an extremely successful business generated rapid turnarounds and create a loyal investor base. In late 2007 became the Joint Managing Director Of Alternative Capital Invest GMBH (ACI), a large German real estate development fund, that raised funds from investors in Germany and Austria in order to develop projects in Dubai. The company also operated a full-fledged real estate brokerage arm. Sanjay was able to leverage his investor network and implement the investment model at ACI with immense success. In addition to that, he was consulting the company on the real estate development front, whilst managing and expanding the existing brokerage business in Dubai and a new branch in Abu Dhabi. During the global financial crisis, which had permeated its way to the Dubai real estate sector, he assisted the team in consolidating and settling investors’ holdings and shrinking operations. Sanjay’s kick off project together with Globe Williams is the recently launched branch in Dubai, U.A.E., in which both parties aim to contribute with their exceptional cross-functional skills and their complementary experience. Sanjay is Managing Director of the company in Dubai focusing on business strategy.