Hard Facility Management

Globe Williams has enjoyed success because of our commitment to longevity. We believe that if you invest in a service, it should last.

Our dedication to hard facility management – including technical maintenance, project administration and support – is what makes us an award-winning, international organisation. Globe Williams industry staff specialize in preventative maintenance as opposed to emergency response or corrective maintenance, meaning we set you up to succeed in the long run, at a fair price.

fm Maintenance services range from periodical technical system check-ups to a total warranty that includes the replacement of faulty equipment.

Other hard facility management services that we offer include storage and handling, ad-hoc plant and equipment repairs, handyman services, energy systems maintenance and control, project management of small construction works, risk management planning, provision of a remote or in-house helpdesk and disaster recovery.

Contact us to see how our team of more than 500 highly skilled technicians can help you.