Soft Facility Management

• Catering & events services
• Cleaning & hygiene services
• Recycling & waste management
• Security & electronic surveillance
• Environmental services, pest control & fumigation
• Other soft facility management services

Globe Williams is able to assist your business with a wide range of facility management tasks. To find out more about these services, please read the following. For all others, we encourage you to contact us and enquire.

Catering, Events

Catering & events services

New big collaboration between Globe Williams and One Food One by Menoo Group. One Food One is a division of MENOO group of companies delivering high quality catering services to business and industry. One Food One manages corporate cafeterias, canteens and restaurants. One Food One caterers for companies, with a high quality range of products for snacks, main dishes and sweets etc. One Food One provides services for corporate events and parties with high quality standards. Our passion for creating exceptional food and delivering into the workplace relies on and has received industry recognition resulting in the winning numerous awards. Our operational and service model is based on providing higher quality food and services but keeping prices affordable! One Food One guarantees:
• Unique menu’s designed exclusively for you
• Food prepared fresh daily
• Healthier and productive employee’s
• Cost effective management to help to keep your balance sheet healthy also
• Dedicated area unit manager for your company
• Strict financial controls
• Health and Safety compliant.


Cleaning & hygiene services

Globe Williams’ extensive experience in detailed cleaning delivers comprehensive hygiene solutions for the commercial, retail and industrial sectors. We understand that every customer is unique, and consult with you to create a unique service package that meets the demands of your business. We can also make recommendations for any additional services and that may be required for the upkeep of your property.

Our philosophy is based on people; we strive to improve upon the standard living and working conditions. Since your property is a reflection of your image, only the highest quality of cleaning service is acceptable.
To satisfy these superior health requirements we use combined methods of cleaning, disinfection and premises freshening. Our top-notch services take care of the collection of infectious waste to avoid contamination, with no chance of bacteria or viral contagion. We use the most technologically advanced biological purification systems to ensure the top-of-line cleanliness.
At Globe Williams we aim to offer accessible health and environmental services to ensure a clean and safe working environment on a 24-hour basis.


Recycling & waste management

Environmental responsibility is particularly important at Globe Williams. We take great pride in our waste management services, providing collection, transportation, processing and recycling or disposal of excess material. As natural resources become scarcer and manufacturing costs rise, reprocessing is more important than ever. Globe Williams has engaged in environmental awareness programs for the recycle and reuse of leftover materials. The objective is to manage all streams of waste on site from the source to their final destination, be it a recycling hub or a landfill.
We offer waste management services from multiple sources, both in-house and with specialised partners. Alongside our strategic regional partners, we treat hazardous and infectious waste from clients within the industrial and health sector by applying the latest methods of globally approved procedures, always paying special attention to the environment.


Security & electronic surveillance

At Globe Williams, we are proud of our reputation as a premier security services provider operating in 15 countries. Our growth has been a direct result of our belief that people still do business with people, not big corporations. We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients by providing quality service that you can trust.

For Globe Williams, success means always staying one step ahead of our competitors: constantly raising the bar, doing more than the other security companies and exceeding the service expected by our clients. We do not rest on our past successes, but continue to work and build on our strong management team and client relationships.

We know you’ve worked hard to establish your business; protecting your assets from a range of potential external and internal threats is our goal. Globe Williams offers you a dedicated team of security specialists that have an inclusive understanding of security solutions across all building types, for both public and private organisations. Our high-level security systems encompass design expertise, installation project management and technical services. Globe Williams security services provide a combination of static guarding services, patrols, escorts, and electronic/remote protection.

We tailor our services to fit your needs, with packages to fit any budget.
Special services including training seminars, administrative procedures, natural disaster protection, criminal liability and investigation services are available upon request.


Environmental services, pest control & fumigation

When it comes to controlling pests, we have gained a reputation for always delivering quality results with the utmost respect to the ecosystem. As leaders in the parasite control industry, we guarantee service to any size premise, from offices and large complexes, to schools, hotels and hospitals.
Relying on our highly trained staff and advanced equipment, we’re able to offer you total confidence regarding pest control. The Globe Williams pest management team includes certified scientists who combine the latest advances in technology and pharmacology to eradicate any unwanted visitors in your facility. Our services include a visit and study of the premises, application, check ins and archiving of all information and procedures. By operating across 15 countries, we’re the first to learn about the most environmentally friendly and successful methods worldwide, providing you with the best service available.

Other soft facility management services

Other services that we can assist you with include laundry services, oil tank cleaning, catering and vending services, reception services, gardening services and winter services.