TOLL – Corporate IT

One of our most important things when looking for cleaners is that they are professional and have a great support system. This is why we chose Globe Williams Australia, some two years ago over then our contractor which had been with us for over eight years. This professionalism starts from the top with Kathi Mavrothalassitis, the managing director of Globe Williams and in recent time Kathy Sarellas whom is the Account manager. There staff are well trained, they are supplied with the latest equipment and best chemicals money can buy, they meet all current guide lines with Work Safe and OHS, and all this in turn they are able to deliver a great service to an area which houses over 200 people. The other winning points are that if I have an issue or require an extra service I have one point of contact which is important to me and also our monthly based meeting have brought the two companies together when it comes to cleaning. I find these monthly meeting, very important as it gives us the ability to discuss face to face what has happened, and from my I am able to advise them of coming requirements.