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­čîčTraining for Excellence: Elevating Standards at Globe Williams International­čîč

­čîčTraining for Excellence: Elevating Standards at Globe Williams International­čîč

    We’re thrilled to share the highlights from our recent training session held by the Quality Management & Compliance Division for our team in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. This two days session, aimed at our new team members and valued supply chain partners, underscores our commitment to excellence, safety, and inclusivity in every aspect of our operations.

­čö╣ Health & Safety Induction Pack: We kicked off with a comprehensive introduction to our health and safety protocols, ensuring everyone is equipped to maintain the highest safety standards.

­čö╣ Ethics Training: Ethics are at the core of our operations. This session reinforced our commitment to integrity for both Globe Williams employees and our esteemed partners.

­čö╣ Sustainability & Energy Management: Highlighting our dedication to our environment, we explored practices that promote sustainability and efficient energy management.

­čö╣ Office Etiquette Rules: Professionalism in the workplace is key. We outlined the essential etiquette rules for a harmonious and productive office environment.

­čö╣ Diversity and Inclusion: Embracing diversity is our strength. We discussed strategies to foster an inclusive culture that values everyone!

­čö╣ Addressing Workplace Challenges: Topics like bullying, violence, occupational stress, and fatigue management were addressed, ensuring our workplace remains supportive and healthy.

­čö╣ GW Policies: We reinforced critical policies against discrimination and harassment, emphasizing a respectful and safe working environment for all.

­čö╣ Productivity and Retention: The session wrapped up with insights on boosting productivity and retaining our talented team members through supportive and growth-oriented practices.

    This training session not only equipped our team with vital knowledge and skills but also reinforced Globe Williams International’s core values of safety, integrity, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Together, we’re setting n e w  s t a n d a r d s in Facility Management and building a future where every team member and partner thrives!

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